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Tech with Class

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Amazing Ideas!

Great Ideas that are easy to implement in any classroom!

Doing it with Docs!

Tired of stacks of papers cluttering your desk, your backpack, and your homework trays?

Tired of spending hours grading stacks of packets, getting papercuts, and searching for paper clips big enough to hold it all together?

Google Docs in your classroom is the solution!

In one week, we promise that you can go from clutter to classy. You can be organzied and give great feedback to students in a variety of formats.

Let us show you how!


Skype into Literacy.


Want your students really reading? Show them relevancy in those AR points!


Turn your classroom into a stage, or a newsroom, or a tv studio!


Skype is the tech savvy way to integrate reading into understanding.

Add depth and complexity into your lesson plans with a $10 webcam.




Classroom Robotics!


STEM is where it's at! And you can get there with just a few simple steps.

Capture students attention. Engage them with Robotics!


Easy, step by step lessons are just one TCEA Session away.